With all the home-based money making websites and income opportunity you can find on the internet, it is important to find out first whether or not the website you are joining is scam or legit. It is possible to generate a passive income from home, but most of the time it would always take time investment as well as money and also hard work and perseverance, it also takes a lot of patience and dedication.
Most people are searching for a legitimate online money making site they can use at home. In this article, we would like to share the top 5 fake work at home money making sites you need to avoid now. We are doing this so you won’t be wasting your time on them anymore just in case you have stumbled upon on those sites or just in case someone has invited you to join.

#1 – Kamateraho.com

I am sure lots of people have spent time on this site already, hoping that they could really earn money from this website and hoping that they’re going to be paid. Kamateraho is probably a website that offers home-based money making opportunity, this website claims that they are legit and they are here to provide you a legitimate paid offers.

However the total of money you can earn from this website will just remain on your kamateraho account and there is no way for you to really get it because this website is not paying at all (Not Paying Since July, 2017).
Leaked Contact No. – +91 7597814649
Fake Website Proof

#2 – Liveincome.in

liveincome.in is just another fake and scam site that works totally the same as kamateraho.com these websites are totally the same with all the web design and the income opportunity it offers. Liveincome claims to be an money making site that provides paid offers for people who are looking for an internet job site to earn money from home, The main reason why many people fall into this type of scam site is that because this website is giving free paytm cash on signup & promises that you can probably make thousands of rupees by just spending 5 to 10 minutes per day

The truth is that the Amount just remain on your liveincome account and there is no way for you to really get it because this website is not paying at all (Not Paying Since June, 2017).
Leaked Contact No. – +91 8810162516
Fake Website Proof

#3 – Rozkamao.com

Rozkamao.com is just another scam and fake website again, this website is duplicate of liveincome.in. This website claims that you can probably earn Rs.5000 in your first week, this website also claims that they are legit and they are against cheating and no one could cheat their system. This website is offering fake rs.50 paytm cash on signup same as liveincome.in.

If you are planning to join Rozkamao.com you better not! because to be honest this website hasn’t paid more than 300 to anyone and now onwards will never pay anyone, no company would pay you Rs.5000 per week for nothing plus to think that this website doesn’t have any contact no. also! this website is not paying at all (Not Paying Since August, 2017).

Leaked Contact No. – +91 9024646563

Fake Website Proof

#4 – Freetopup.in

Freetopup.in is just another fake and scam site, anyone could fall into this! it is very hard for someone sometimes to really determine which of those website are offering a legitimate paid offers. But if you are wise enough and you know which one is scam or legit, most fake internet job site would offer you such huge income opportunity and would promise you that you will get paid.

And as usual, this website requires you to complete paid offers before you can request for a payment, and members must reach Rs.500 first before they can even withdraw their earnings, but of course you will never get what you’ve earn from this site, as it is fake and not paying at all! (Not Paying Since June, 2017).

Fake Website Proof

#5 – Earnbounty.com

earnbounty.com is just another fake referral & offers site that claims to be legit, this website promises you that you could probably earn tons of money by simply referring other people, this website is duplicate of freetopup.in.

As usual, Fretopup.in also gives a welcome bonus to all new members, one other reason why you should avoid this website is that, it is not paying and hasn’t paid anyone Since 2016 and you will be wasting your time on it, But unfortunately once you have completed the offers or refer friends you will never get paid, it’s either your account will be terminated after that or it will remain on their data base but you wouldn’t be paid. (Not Paying Since September, 2017).

Fake Website Proof

If you are looking for a legitimate online money earning sites and apps where you can probably earn some real cash online then you should check our blog. you will find some of the most legitimate online sites listed on our blog.

Hope you liked our list of 5 scam money making sites. If you have any question, you can simply ask below in comment sections & make sure to share it with your friends so they won’t be victimized by this website.


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